T he citizens were advised that in certain days good French priest manage arrive at alive together with them forever

T he citizens were advised that in certain days good French priest manage arrive at alive together with them forever

Not one of them, but not, have been persons of every dictate

160 160 Sub Countries. [Declaration, 1853, and have been well received. 5 days after an excellent French brig, which in fact had kept Tahiti while they have there been on their method in order to Fatuhiwa, brought an excellent Catholic priest and Catholic educators. Shortly after using a few days, the latest head of brigand the brand new priest meanwhile demanding from Matunui while the most other chiefs that Protestant instructors would be sent out, and you will stating these Marquesas Countries due to the fact fingers of your French, the brig departed, using priest, however, making in the same area for the Protestants a couple Hawaiian Catholic instructors. Mr. Parker, whom used the fresh Protestant missionary ring so you’re able to Fatuhiwa, immediately after remaining a short time, and you can seeing them comfortably settled, returned to Oahu. Mr. Clark, out-of Honolulu, Secretary of Hawaiian Missionary Community, penned in the February as follows: I gotten characters from your brethren when you look at the Fatuhiwa a short while due to the fact, dated the first out of last day. T hello was indeed quietly getting their work. T hello speak to particular discouragements. The people of your other valleys usually are at the conflict. Little authorities can be found. T he papists are at works, and after bulk to the Sabbath spend date inside practise individuals amusements. T hey have not found Matunui all that they hoped so you’re able to select him. The fresh new brethren write-in an excellent soul, and don’t intimate that they are depressed. In terms of the important points was stated, the brand new benevolent selections of your own Hawaiian places of worship are worthy off far commendation. Mr. Johnson s chapel at Waioli provided $481 throughout 1853, toward help of one’s pastor and you can secretary, and for additional benevolent societies. Mr. Thread says: In the 1853., this chapel provided in the bucks $666 in regards to our help, $559 for the house off worship, and $353 to possess international missionary aim, along with lower amounts not yet appropriated. Even better, works has been over with the our home regarding praise for the amount of no less than $step 1,000. Mr. Paris wrote during the July, 1853, below: The men and women have started, over the past seven or nine months, beuding all their efforts for the get together materials and increasing finance getting rebuilding and you can fixing homes from praise. https://kissbrides.com/chinese-women/macau/ There were paid to your my give, for reconstructing and you may roofing the latest fulfilling-family at Kealakekua, $606 ; and most $600 was paid-in bucks, work and you may product, on erection off most other homes of worship. T the guy month-to-month concert benefits, when you look at the seven days, enjoys amounted to $140. Of one’s own agreement, he has got discussed $100 on the the assistance. T he children of the Sabbath university have delivered $29 towards the assistance away from Rev. Mr. Iiekela at Fatuhiwa. Within the Mr. Coan s chapel, on year stop April, 1853, the newest contributions, primarily taken fully to during the month-to-month show, provides amounted in order to $dos,800 when you look at the bucks. Within the

T hey is alive iu comparative spirits in their own personal means, which have hardly any work; and idleness ‘s the source of innumerable evils

161 1854.] Sub Countries. 161 introduction to this, more than $ 1000 have been provided in.bucks, product, and you may labor, to possess strengthening and you will repairing meetinghouses. A number of ingredients out of more emails, to present the brand new ebony section of the image, get safely personal it declaration. The newest missionaries enjoys however greatly to use them ; but there is however noticeable the ceaseless whether or not slow improvements regarding a me immediately after from the low phase from intellectual and you will moral degradation. Mr. Bond, writing when you look at the March past, into the react to comments that happen to be produced in regard to Hawaiian licentiousness, undertakes during the specific size to exhibit you to definitely, crappy as it now’s, it’s never what it try previous to Within the July, 1853, Mr. Paris wrote regarding all round condition out of his job : The folks away from Southern area Kona try, for the most part, notoriously lazy. 1 do not like the phrase, but it is just the you to definitely be taken right here. This new populace of the district does not really works, except out-of need. Among every individuals who I’ve actually seen, in virtually any part of the community, I’ve never found one so unwilling to practice regular work. However, there are lots of signs of improve. Many folks are to order countries and you will fencing them ; and more interest is repaid for the cultivation of crushed, when they contain it. T hi will plant apples, mangoes, custard.apples, figs, as well as a style of fruit, once they remember that brand new trees often belong to them and their pupils immediately after all of them. Households regarding a much better class was occasionally rising, closed that have walls, and you can ornamented having color woods and flowers. Mr. Lyons, inside the ong their some one below: Once the general aspect of things is actually encouraging, there had been specific affairs modified in order to make suffering and despair. Intemperance and idolatry got give frustration over one to parish, split up the institution and you can group meetings, and you can threatened total exhaustion. But the majority of your own culprits repented of the sins, and you may guaranteed to-do best. This new sandwich-pastor endured firmly, and dared to reveal the fresh wickedness off his parish. In 2 almost every other parishes, Mormonism had generated its physical appearance, along with succeeded inside drawing certain fifty or sixty guys, feminine and you will youngsters for the the snares. Mr. Coan claims of those under his charge : Overall, everything is optimistic and you will guaranteeing around us all ; therefore we have unspeakable reason for gratitude so you can Jesus having his mercies. Genuine, there clearly was sin, far sin, far that is hypocritical and unholy in order to deplore among us ; yet, on the exterior, we have been quiet and happy. I have no drunkenness, no riotous otherwise noisy demonstrations in our roads. Our houses are safe from concern. Our very own

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