All of my personal Regencies take place in an identical “world”

All of my personal Regencies take place in an identical “world”

We color matched this new guides during the for every single series to assist choose for every series finest, however if this can be sidetracking, let me know, and I am going to change it.

My Regencies

This might be an easy that. As a result you’ll find characters in one book pop up an additional one as that character suits into tale.

Quick mention: Ethan (Lord Edon) and you will Mr. Christopher Robinson try my personal two favourite Regency emails, so they show up in a lot of guides once the supplementary letters. To store on the place, keep in mind you to Ethan is the hero when you look at the A many The wrong Earl and you can Christopher ‘s the character in the Reluctant Woman .

The latest Earl’s Inconvenient Wife (Matrimony by Scandal: Book step one) – It has Nate (Lord Roderick) and Claire Lowell; popular supplementary characters is actually Mr. Christopher Robinson, Lilly Lowell, and you can Perry (Lord Clement)

Breaking the Regulations (Relationship by-design: Guide step one) – It enjoys Lilly Lowell and you will Mr. Roger Morris ‘s the hero; prominent supplementary characters was Emilia Stewart, Kitty Farrow, Benjamin (Lord Valentine), and you will Aaron (Lord Northton); unique looks because of the Mr. Christopher Robinson and you can Ethan (Lord Edon)

Nobody’s Deceive (Marriage by design: Guide 2) – Which enjoys Emilia Stewart and you will Benjamin (Lord Valentine); common additional characters is actually Mr. Roger Morris, Lilly, Cat Farrow, and you may Michael (which after takes on a prominent character inside A deceptive Wager)

A fake Wager (Wedding by design: Publication step 3) – That it possess Aaron (Lord Northton) and you may Cat Farrow; popular additional letters is actually Michael (out of Nobody’s Fool), Roger, Lilly, Benjamin, and you can Emilia; unique appearance by the Ethan (Lord Edon) and Nate (Lord Roderick)

Their own Fake Spouse – perhaps not section of a sequence; Which possess Anna and Jason; this package overlaps having A many Unsuitable Earl in the schedule where we see Ethan (Lord Edon); Anna and you can Jason get a role in If it Takes A good Scandal where the woman is actually Candace; We expose Candace contained in this guide

A the majority of A bad Earl (Wedding from the Scandal: Book 2) – Which enjoys Ethan (Lord Edon) and you can Woman Catherine; prominent additional emails is Mr. Christopher Robinson, Agatha, and you will Claire

Crossovers Within my Romances

His Hesitant Lady (Wedding from the Scandal: Publication 3) – It have Mr. Christopher Robinson and you will Agatha (Woman Richfield); common supplementary emails is Perry (Lord Clement), Ethan, Catherine, Nate, and you may Claire; the new choice that is the patch in the Earl’s Secret Contract try first-mentioned right here

The brand new Earl’s Scandalous Spouse (Relationship because of the Scandal: Publication 4) – So it has Perry (Lord Clement) and you can Paula Leighton; well-known supplementary letters is actually Christopher, Agatha, and you will Nate

This new Earl’s Magic Deal (Relationship because of the Deceit: Book step 1) – It features Toby (Lord Davenport) and you may Regina Giles; popular additional characters is actually Helena, Orlando (Lord Reddington)

Like Courses Towards the Duke (den (Duke regarding Ashbourne) and Helena; popular second characters is Regina, Chloe, Melissa, Logan (Lord Toplyn), Ethan and you may Christopher; unique appearance because of the Orlando

Wrecked From the Earl (Matrimony of the Deceit: Guide step three) – That it enjoys Logan (Lord Toplyn) and you can Melissa; common supplementary letters was Regina, Chloe, and Mr. Malcolm Jasper (character in the Sinful Woman )

The brand new Earl’s Taken Fiance (Matrimony from the Deceit: Publication cuatro) – This enjoys Orlando (Lord Kolla in Reddington) and Regina; popular additional characters was Toby, Regina, Helena, and you may Melissa; unique appearance of the Dr. Derek Westward (character within her Devilish Marquess )

A keen Earl Over the years (Fairy-tale Regency Romance; extremely short term mention of Lord Steinbeck and you will Lord Clement on stop, but that is a separate; also contains enchanting and you can blond facets like what discover regarding the Grimm’s fairy tales; Used to do a post regarding it if you need more details)

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